Japanese Aircraft Carrier wreck found

The American R/V Petrel has found the wreck of the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Akagi off Midway Island in the Pacific:

(Google translated from Sysla today)


Yes, the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi was sunk 77 years ago. It is old news. Only idiots waste money to have a look at it at the bottom of the sea.

In that case what do you call those who spend money on salvaging and restore a ship that sunk in 1628?:

Or salvage 340 year old stinky cheese from another sunken warship?

Judging from the shit you’ve written on your blog (Not to mention this thread), I’d say you’re the only idiot here bro.


Well, topic is Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi . Shall it be salvaged, repaired and restored to old glory? BTW I have no blog. I am in safety at sea at http://heiwaco.com .

Maybe you can offer your expert advice on how to do that. I’m sure you have long experience in salvaging ships of all kinds from any depth.
From your own admission we already know that you are a Master restorer, repairer and converter of ships, incl. naval vessels.

This should be a breeze for anybody with access to your glorious advise, but I’m afraid I don’t know of anybody that is planning such a thing, so I cannot help you with contact info.

Besides, this is a Japanese War Grave and the wreck is situated in a maritime conservation area. But I’m sure you have overcome such difficulties many times in the your illustrious career.


1966/7 I worked at the Stockholm Naval yard (Beckholmen) outside which HSwMS Wasa sank 1628. It was refloated and put in the drydock at Beckholmen 100 m away. I was not involved with it. On the other hand https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSwMS_Gustaf_V was put there 1966! It was decommissioned since many years but some admiral had decided that the heavy guns could be used in some coastal fort ashore, so we removed them. HSwMS Gustav V had a nice accommodation, at least for the commander. It included a bathroom with a tub on lion paws!

IKR, How DID the Navy toss that boulder up into the side of the Costa Concordia anyway? No, don’t. I don’t want to hear more of your whacky theories. Do submarines have catapults installed nowadays?

You are obviously not aware of who you are addressing here; a world renown Scientist and thinker by his own admission:

Wise words from a very wise and experienced man. Probably a “stable genius” on par with another person with “great and unmatched wisdom”. (They’ll have to meet and compare wits to determine who is the smartest)

Unfortunately he had an embarrassing encounter with the incompetent and corrupt police in France a few days ago, but I’m sure he will take this up at the highest level in both France and Sweden. All they have to do to avoid a diplomatic incident is to apologists in person: