Stars and Stripes - USS Lexington, first aircraft carrier sunk in WWII, found near Australia



Fortunately she’s probably deep enough the the Chicoms and the Indonesians won’t break her up for scrap.


I was going to say nice work for that crew on Paul Allen’s boat roaming the world looking for lost warships…sure wished I could have found something like that being a maritime and naval historian

next will be the lost Midway carriers then Amelia Earhart


You rang??? :exploding_head:


complete and utter nonsense…SIR!

as the article states

A new scientific study claims that bones found in 1940 on the Pacific Island of Nikumaroro belong to Earhart, despite a forensic analysis of the remains conducted in 1941 that linked the bones to a man.

there is no proof whatsoever that these supposed bones where Earhart’s at all! besides where are Fred Noonan’s bones and more importantly…where is the plane or even one single little identifiable piece of it? I’ll tell you where the plane is as well as Fred’s bones…6000m down at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean


There is more news coming about Amelia, plane parts on an island have been identified re metallurgy as same era.
Locals passed a story of Japs loading plane onto a barge etc etc.