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I found a bird in Oregon that had to have hitched a ride on a container ship from over seas the vessels pass they out channel every day the bird I’ve observed past five years is a horsfield bush lark , it had a very short flight to land from ship then a mile to where I found it such an amazing occurrence I’ve named the bird Akito as it either came from Asia or Australia I’m guessing

Has this particular bird been there for five years ?

Yes it’s been here for only five years , one of a kind here came from over seas via container ship I imagine

It has done well lasting five years by itself

Yes birds are amazing it seems, I go out every day feeding stray birds in parking lots and such in my yard ive noticed more fledglings I feed finches increasing in population in my small town , where do you reside ? I’m in a Oregon regards Sheri

Sydney, Australia, we have a large and dynamic bird population here. My background is in the sciences.
I am currently involved in two diverse research projects in both bird populations and their adaptations to urban or disturbed environments, also Coastal landform dynamics.
I have done spells of research on Heron Island in the Great Barrier Reef (Mutton bird/Shearwater hell with high speed Whitsunday Passage vomit-comet runs) also a fair bit of paelentological research work

I am currently watching a male Brush Turkey demolish my back yard as it builds a HUGE nest mound.


That’s very impressive research and science bird population it sounds so very rewarding as well your in Australia that’s about 9000 miles away , I haven’t seen my horsfield bush lark since august of the 24th but he shows up when I least expect him , we’ve had lots of wildfires in Oregon I think that means a lot of birds will be relocating to my area as a result of the fires and smoke , keep me updated o. Your research , I just love feeding birds everyday and seeing new ones which is rare, best regards

I feed brewers black birds finches nuthatches white headed nuthatches that came here when wildfires destroyed their habitat I feed ground flicker woodpeckers downy woodpeckers hummingbirds love to come right up to my face , yellow fiches I had an occasional falcon in my yard but we have lots of parigen falcons here bald eagles and the amazing Osprey

The bird species here in Eastern Australia are very different. No woodpeckers, Nuthatches, different finch species. We locally have Peregrine Falcons, Australian (Nankeen) Kestrels, Sea Eagles, and a couple of Ospreys with a very impressive stick nest on a lighting tower complete with a chick at the moment, Hundreds of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Corellas, Rainbow Lorikeets, Red tailed Black Cockatoos many varieties of Wattlebirds many Brush Turkeys, Ibis (bin chickens), Kookaburras and Australian Ravens. Also many seabirds.
My nightime bird visitors include Boobook and Barking Owls the occaisional very big Powerful Owl and our resident very weird and scary sounding Tawny Frogmouth, its call sounds like something out of a 50’s sci-fi move !
We also have no shortage of various Possums, Bandicoots, lizards, some very poisonous spiders and snakes at our place, A Night Tiger, a type of poisonous tree snake got into my daughters bedroom one night and ate one of their finches in their cage, the other three survived.
We are very lucky as far as wildlife goes but unfortunately no Hummingbirds

A nice variety of birds owls are neat we have few here as well , sorry to hear your daughter lost a finch to a snake , we gave resident opossums raccoons bears in the hills cougars coyotes, lots of wildlife , those ospreys are amazing birds of prey they are a protected species here , they build large nests on dock poles in the river I’ve seen many chicks born out here by the waterfront , I like the sound of night birds , I have still not seen my rats bird as of lately , just finches blackbirds starlings and more birds , I call those the parking lot birds that’s where I feed them beside yellow finches in my bird feeders the stellar jays and squirrels compete for peanuts stealing and stashed them , I have three cats regards