WOW! I thought I had a crappy day rate!

Saw this posted at Rigzone.

For an annual salary of $58,500 an unlimited master can run a hopper barge out of Israel. AND THEY WANT SOMEONE EXPERIENCED!!!

That’s an average of $245.75 a day!!!
The lowest I’ve ever made was $225 running a 90ft G-Boat, and that was only for a little bit till I moved up. But I didn’t have to worry about hitting a mine or being bored by an unfriendly navy if I crossed an imaginary line.

I laugh every time I see a posting in the middle east looking for an Unlimited Master to run an anchor handler for $500 a day, this just seems down right insulting.

Maybe I’m missing something. Can someone explain to me how the international stuff works on this stuff?. My understanding was that as long as a person has the right STCW endorsements from a white flag country and a vessels flag state allows it they can work on any vessel even if they have to get that flag states equivalent license. There are always job postings for unlimited guys so why would someone take something like this when there are better jobs out there?