Worldwide opportunities in Offshore Wind

Nigg Energy park, Scotland is staging point for the Moray East OWF with 103 foundation jackets arriving from UAE and other places of the world:

Otherwise Nigg Bay is filled with idle drilling rigs:

OHT gets another LOA for their new installation vessel Alfa Lift under construction in China:

More and more of the big boys in shipping wants to get into the Offshore Wind market:

With the ‘big boys’ pouring money into offshore wind you wonder if there is now a similar potential over supply situation happening with what happened with offshore oil and gas, you had investors chasing day rates pouring billions into drill ships etc. that are now being scrapped.

Perhaps they will now do the same with offshore wind, in several years there might be a too many wind-farm installation vessels for the number of wind-farms being built.

Once wind farms have been built they don’t need that many vessels to maintain them.

Possibly, but Offshore wind is a relatively new and growing industry that is developing worldwide. It will take some years before the market is saturated,

True, but apparently wind turbines need quite a lot of maintenance and renewal of blades etc. That will require quite a number of SOVs and some installation vessels, even when fully developed in some areas.

Besides, eventually there will be a decommissioning market, just like we now see in the offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

Jan de Nul is busy all over the world with installation of wind turbines.
The first turbine has been installed for Taiwan Power Company offshore Taiwan:

PS> With 109 wind turbines only in this field, there will be need for quite a few SOVs and CTVs once in operation.

More will be needed with all the other wind farms being constructed off Taiwan.Initially these vessels will be chartered in from foreign companies, but Taiwanese companies are busy ordering but SOVs and CTVs, as well as their first Installation Vessel.
Not necessarily all built in Taiwan, or of Taiwanese design. (See earlier posts)

More “Fire Sale” but this one in a nice of the market were it is a bit unexpected:

Then again, maybe selling something that can easily find a market is smarter than trying to sell something nobody wants.

The worlds biggest offshore wind farm has ordered the world’s largest wind turbine:’s%20largest%20planned%20offshore,in%20three%201.2-gigawatt%20phases.
The nacelle has been developed by GE Renewable Energy in St. Nazaire, France and will be installed on the new Dogger Bank wind farm, owned and operated by Equinor and will be completed in 2026, supplying 2.6 GW of power to the UK grid.