Working at Ingram or Kirby

What is it like working, as a deckhand, on a boat, for Kirby? What is it like working, as a deckhand, on a boat, for Ingram? I have no real experience working on a an MV underway, be it inland rivers, coastal supply boats ,or ships out on the high seas.

I have looked at both Kirby and Ingram websites, of course they don’t want to be negative abt. their respective companies, I appreciate this. I also realize you must have the strength and stamina for a 12 to 14 hour workday, be prepared to stand watches, as well as work outside in very cold as well as very hot conditions . Also joining barges together. Just want accurate information fr. people who have worked for both companies as deckhands and crewmembers.

I have not been a Kirby employee but I have pushed a unit tow from Houston to to Lake Charles for them.

Kirby to me represents an innovative (check out their new push boat “Green Diamond”) and also a company I would trust for someone new to the maritime industry to lead them down a good path. Safety and education are of high importance when working for Kirby.

Just my 2 cents.

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Thank you, C-Slug.