[QUOTE=Black93Fox;73722]Ummm I got hired in two months ago on the OS advancement program… You get the bst and rfpnw training at msc training center.[/QUOTE]

I wasn’t very clear. I usually ain’t. Probably what so many people hate me. I should have said the Advancement Program still requires experience. It is not an entry level position. There are a lot of former Supply Utilities personnel on the last list. This should open up positions at MSC for people like me…which I probably won’t get anyway.

I’m actually waiting for a call for the SU position. I put in my app on 2/7/12.

If you applied for su you’ll probably get it. I’ve probably seen 30 of them go threw training here in new jersey. They’ve been hiring them like crazy! The biggest thing with msc is passing security make sure your credit is fine nothing on it. They recommend running a credit check before coming to neo a lot of people didn’t well much to there surprise they got here and found out something was on there and went right back home depending on what it was.

I hope I do get it. I have very good credit and I check mines once a month.

Shouldn’t have a problem. Just keep in contact with them. Every two weeks they ship new people up to the training facility. I’ve been here 6 weeks have another 2 left seen a lot of su’s come threw.

Yeah I been calling them every other week. I think I’m in but just don’t know for sure yet. I also haven’t got a letter so I guess no news is good news.

They take for ever from the time I applied till when I got to neo was 8 months it’s a long process.

LOL you can say that again. I heard its a very long process before you even get on your 1st ship but I’m sure it’s well worth it though.

he could go to paul hall…

LOL…shhhhh that’s in the works also.


their current material says the RFPEW is required to apply for that position…ergo seatime. sounds like a catch 22

Ah yes. good ol’ msc. the more things change. The more they stay the same. It took them nine months to hire me. I applied in October 1979 and was hired in July 1980. And I showed up a day late because I received the letter the same day they wanted me in the office.