Wind farm on the west coast

We shall see my friend

In a recent thread old men were complaining about how nobody dares to build impossible projects anymore.

In this thread they complain about how people are daring to build an “impossible” project.

If we could harness all the power of old men complaining…


Greasy, I wouldn’t touch you with a 10 foot pole.

Looks like you might have mush for brains you keep changing the spelling of “polosi” Maybe too much time in that state?

And you don’t know what EROEI is.

Ah yes, our resident genius here to enlighten us on every topic known to man. Glad to have you

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hardly a genius but 40 years in the maritime industry in California has alerted me to certain standard operating procedures of the political machine their

attacking me is nether constructive or necessary

“Everything you say is true regarding the bias newsome is related to polosi (sp?) who is retiring.”

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Saying they are related as to infer some kind of deep seated, familial, nefarious political motivation is a bit of a stretch, also maybe slightly paranoid in my humbly worthless opinion.

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The long term maintenance of floating wind farms is something they haven’t quite figured out yet.

When the weather is not good getting technicians onto them will be more difficult than wind turbines piled into the seabed.

Because they’re not stationary SOVs won’t be able to dock the gangway safely like they do on stationary ones, because the gangway pushes against the TP with quite a bit of force. Also the mooring systems for the anchors might be in the way of the SOV.

CTVs have limited weather working limits compared to a SOV. They are only practical on wind farms quite close to shore and some of these floating ones are quite far from port so not really in CTV territory.

Disconnecting the turbines from the mooring system and towing them to port for maintenance will make operating the wind farm really expensive.

That was not directed at you.

Sorry, I seem to be a lighting rod on this subject :grinning:

I find the hate speech directed toward me interesting and amusing

Your a voice of reason in the wilderness :+1:t6:

Ha!!! Very good. Not many of us have a sense of humor anymore

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Yes some politicians are related with each other and other are “having sex on a table”, but meanwhile the wind blows while no windmills spin off California.

Yes it is deeper waters than were existing installations has been spinning before, but not worse condition and not further from shore.
Floating wind is a developing industry and there MAY be some failed projects before a “perfect” solution to all problems are found, if ever.

Equinor has tested floating wind off Utsira since 2009 (Post #12)and operated a commercial floating wind farm off Scotland since 2017 in windier and rougher waters than offshore California:

Maybe they can contribute to developing successful floating wind farms in other places as well?


Doing basic research on topics before you comment on them shouldn’t get you labeled a genius, but it might as well around here.

The Northern California coast is considered to be a significant tsunami hazard zone putting all shoreside infrastructure at risk.
Exporting the electricity would entail massive runs of line across local, state and federal very rugged property… that is not going to happen. They could not get a 110 mile high KW line into the State Capitol after 10 years.
NIMBYism will rear its ugly head as well.
Sometimes just because it could be done doesnt mean it should.

Did you do the math for EROEI yourself for this hypothetical wind farm?

I totally forgot about the 9.2 Alaska earthquake of 1964 the Tsunami that struck the west coast of California, Oregon, Hawaii and Japan killed many and there was heavy property damage though limited due to sparse populations in those areas at the time.

I used to use this as part of my P.M.L. when i did coastal commercial property inspections so you don’t have to look it up, Probable Maximum Loss.

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