Why Walmart pays its truck drivers 6 figures

Interesting article:

When Walmart sought to open a new store, Fishman and Lichtenstein explained, it built the distribution center. Then, it built stores within a one-day drive of that distribution center. This might seem like an obvious strategy in 2024, but it was somewhat revolutionary in the mid-20th century. Kmart, for example, targeted the same blue-collar Americans that Walmart did. However, Kmart would simply plop stores into suburbs that had plenty of customers. Distribution was an afterthought.

Very illuminating article. Well written and some very interesting ideas.

Pivot to our industry and a lack of similar programs. I know some companies, unions, etc do have programs. Some companies have their own training schools as well.

Now it could just be my experience, but if you have managers identify employees who could benefit from a program like this, invest in them, be ready as some may jump ship but perhaps not all, and then there might be a group of core employees invested in a company that invests in them.

That could just be clouds and rainbows in my head, but I am sure there are people smarter than myself who could make that work for their companies.

Meanwhile crew will do what crew does as the ebb and flow of our industry always creates some uncertainty in all our lives.