Why can't Drillship companies hold onto good Engineers?

An anchored semi?

All DP rigs

Wow. Hard to believe that would/could happen. I am putting two and two together. There has certainly been a sea-change since.

Flag states allowed it so it happened for a long time…
The problem was those first group of Captains had zero drilling experience and no DP tickets.

The second problem that surfaced was would the USCG allow a deck officer to be created on a semi…whole career and you might have 10 miles under your belt…

Maybe not 10 miles but for sure many were created with a one transit voyage from Singapore or Korea to the US GOM with few port entries or dockings involved, I was on a drillship where the captain asked for 4 tugs to assist docking in Singapore’s Sembawang. He had never docked a ship before, only small OSV sized vessels. The ordeal took hours.

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No MPA pilot and Dockmaster to assist him?

Pilotage is compulsory in Singapore, unless the Master has an exemption, which is only given to those who frequently call at Singapore and has passed a test.

Sembawang Shipyard have Dockmasters at all their yards in Singapore.

PS> Powerabout is talking about Semi-submersibles, not Drillships.

Most Semisubs built in S.Korea or S’pore are now carried on HLVs for the voyage to GoM.
BTW; some make the first leg from S.Korea to Singapore for final outfitting and from a dischage port in the Caribbean to GoM with tug assistance
(Thrusters are removed for berthing in S’pore and for HLV transport)

(Nominally) US company owned rigs but not US flagged?
Which flag state?

dp semis typically cant get to a dock in Singapore as too shallow

Typically marshall Islands, they allow liberian tickets too along with dp semi’s with just about no licensed crew.
As I said, custom made rules for US owned semi’s
It was only the USCG that forced the issue of foreign flag DP semis in the gom having a captain

Yes that is correct.
That is why the thrusters are removed before berthing.

Typically done at Raffles Reserve Anchorage for Semisub rigs (and Drillships) gong alongside at Jurong yards and Changi Special Anchorage, if going to Sembawang.
I have attended several such operations over the years, incl. loadout of large Semies on HLVs.

last ones I have seen were tuas where the new yards are including my old rig

So, are licensed engineers, going to make good money on Drillships anytime soon?

Are 3ae going to make more than gas station workers?
Are 1ae and Chiefs going to make more than a gas station manager?

Duh, Ya think?

Just wait. He’ll post the Buccees sign again.