Who is Hiring Engineers?

Just curious who out there is looking for engineers? I hold an unlimited 1 AE license.

Crowley seems to always be looking

McAllister towing needs some good engineers.

[QUOTE=KennyW1983;59580]McAllister towing needs some good engineers.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, but does that mean they are looking for some?

[QUOTE=kfj;59531]Crowley seems to always be looking[/QUOTE]

That’s because the drillship companies are hiring.

You could try Grand River Navigation on the Great Lakes. The season is coming to a close, but they are usually looking for engineers to do winter work. 440 9302024 Ask for Rick.

Yup they are

I think moran philadelphia needs one engineer.

Hey thanks for the info guys. Do you know what the rotations are for these companies? I currently work deep sea for 3 months on/off. Looking for something like the 30 days on/off

Moran philadelphia is ship assist tugs and they work 1 week rotations.

McAllister towing needs some good engineers.

Grand River tries to work 28/14 but as a new hire yuo will probably do that 28 split between two ships. Once you work into a rotation 30-30 is a definite possibility.

Try HOS or Harvey Gulf.