Company Designated Engineer

I looked at a COI last night while inspecting a tug. @90ft 1800hp old single screw. The COI required a “Company Designated Engineer”. No license. USCG told the owner no Designated Duty Engineer needed.

What’s the point of requiring a company to call one of their deckhands an engineer if there are no qualification requirements? I have worked as a decliner or unlicensed “engineer”, engine utility or whatever you might call it. Just seems odd to require that on the COI.

And I am talking about an old Fairbanks Morse not some push button engine room operated from the pilot house.

Maybe because the CG doesn’t have the authority (correct me if I am wrong) to specify a certain manufacturers make and model of engine yet recognizes there are cases where experience unique to some make and model may be important to safe operation and delegates the operator authority to man accordingly.


When our next tug gets its COI ill ask if we can run it with a Company Designated Captain. Could save us a lot of money.

Ill call tomorrow and ask for clarification.