Who's getting the contracts?

Rumors of MEBA phasing in deck officers on foreign ships?

Yea, they’re looking for people to work on LNG ships that are crewed by Alaris - I can’t recall the name of the shipping company right now though.

The name is the company is Exmar. I just got off a three month contract on one of their LNG regas vessels. Let me know if you got any questions.

Merchant Marine,

Do you know whom to contact for working on Exmar LNG vessels?

I am a experienced LNG chief officer but jobless at the moment.

I see your location is India. If this is the case then as far as I know you need to go through the crewing offices there. I do not know which ones offer LNG jobs. It might help to contact Exmar via email and ask where their Indian crew come from.
Good Luck!