Shell to Sign Agreement with AMO


<span id="UcShowStory1_StoryBody]On April 30, Richard Mellor, General
Manager for Ship Management, Shell Trading will sign a historic
crewing agreement with Tom Bethel, National President American Maritime
Officers union (AMO). Under the terms of the agreement, Shell will
immediately begin to hire U.S. citizen officers to crew its 25 new
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vessels. <br>The signing will take place
at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Maritime Administrator Sean
T. Connaughton was instrumental in brokering this agreement between
Shell and AMO.<br><br>Via MarineLink<br></span>


Wow…that gentlemen, is big time! No matter what your feelings are/were about AMO, this is a major coup.<br><br>Thanks for sharing, John!


Yeah, LNG is booming. The one thing I don’t get is that supposedly you have to spend half the year in the office working. I’m not sure as this was just one company that was hiring, anyway they wanted mates with PICs and some cadet shipping experience. <br>For a moment I thought 25 officers, but wow 25 vessels!!!


Wow…<br><br>Looks like CMA started it’s LNG program just in time. One of my friends that just graduated is going to be on one of the Shell ships for 45 days as an observer to get his PIC DG.


“to get his PIC DG” that cert is the closest an academy grad will come to owning a money tree.


Anybody know anything more about this? On an AMO forum someone compared this contract to the old AMO T-AGOS contracts. That would be quite a far cry from the money tree. <br><DIV>Coincidentally, I noticed that Teekay’s web site (Teekay is the other LNG company AMO has an agreement with) recently put up some job vacancies for ships officers (pretty much all of them) that weren’t there a short while ago. Hopefully this will be good for the members and maybe the other contracts will start to go up indirectly.</DIV><br><DIV>ETA</DIV><DIV>John, just to clarify. I didn’t mean to imply that getting the cert wouldn’t be a good thing. Just wanted to know if anyone had heard anything about these now that they’ve had some guys working on them for a while.</DIV>