Who pilots the Navy Ships in SD, PEARL and FL?

Couldn’t find this answer on any previous threads or on the interwebs. Does anyone know which Pilots dock the Navy ships in San Diego, Pearl Harbor and Mayport? Not sure if they are all Civil Service Pilots, if they work for the tug companies or if they belong to one of the harbor/bar pilot associations. I know the Navy docking pilots in Norfolk work for Moran. Not sure about the other major ports.

Navy Pilots, Civil Service

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I met one while observing. Said there were about 26 total around the world. He was an ex enlisted guy. Thought he said he had a GS rating. Had to draw charts like everyone else of course. Add WA state to your list. There is another thread on this: http://forum.gcaptain.com/t/navy-harbor-pilots/6915

In the mid-80s, I sailed with a capt on tugs that was a retired Master Chief Boatswains mate. He was a pilot in Yokosuka for 5 years. His Navy pilot rating read something about a class of aircraft carrier. He also had federal pilotage for the Norfolk area. One of the top 5 tug captains I sailed with. RIP Capt Jay Adkins.


When I was a Navy tug master (BM2) in Yokosuka Japan in the late 60’s early 70’s The Navy ship pilots were all active duty Chiefs E-7, 8, & 9’s. They would talk of an old Navy pilot who had to dock the 1st A/C Carrier after the surrender. and there were no Navy tugs available for ship assist. It was reported that he had the planes on the flight deck facing the dock, secured, & used the prop wash from a dozen planes to push him sideways to the berth.
Lord how I love a good sea story!