Virginia / Maryland Pilots

Does anyone know who the Va. and Md. Pilots use to operate there launches in Va. Beach? Do they use people within the Association or do they use an outside company?

They use people with in the association, from what I understand it’s mainly the appreciate.

They’ve got their own employees represented by siu

Do they work a rotation like week on week off or do they work shift work?

I think they work a rotation but it’s sort of a rolling rotation. The more or less ships they do the quicker they are back on top of the list. Also I think the newer pilots do more jobs that the senior ones.

Its local guys with 100T papers, mostly charter boat guys picking up easy cash.

Oops I misread I thought you meant the actual pilots. Ya they are 1 week on/off but they mostly have the apprentice pilots run the boats. However the Md pilots are next door and they have normal boat crews 1 on/off and alternate day and night shift.

From what i understand, its mainly the younger pilots that run the launches as part of their training. I was told this by a pilot and a pilot that didn’t make it through the program

If Maryland has normal boat crews does anyone have and contact information or a contact person? There website has very little information.

Just look up the VA Beach stations phone number online and ask for the station manager. I applied there years ago but can’t remember the guys name. The guy who answers will likely be one of the boat guys. Maybe he can answer your questions.