Navy Enlisted Harbor Pilots

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I am working on a piece of Pilot history for the Navy. I am currently an Active Duty Navy Harbor Pilot and I was recently tasked with tracking down all of the Pilots who have served in Little Creek, Virginia. I have records dating back to 1983 and I know of several Pilots prior to that but I am digging deeper. If anyone has any information concerning this, I would love to hear it. I am looking for names, dates, ranks, and rates of any of the Pilots that worked in Little Creek. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

My dad was a Navy pilot from 76 - 84, Little Creek, Rota, Roosevelt Roads and Groton.

I found this thread trying to look for some navy pilot history for him. I’m sure he can fill is some blanks and would be happy to learn from you.

I will follow this thread VERY closely because I was positively impressed with both a San Diego harbor pilot who was a retired BMC and a Captain of a San Diego YO who also was a BMC. I met both while I was a line LT (Mustang) and wondered if the Navy was using the wrong people to teach shiphandling!

Beyond “use by date”

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