Who has the most technicalogically advanced (U.S.) maritime school?

Curriculum aside, who has the newest, most modern, up to date classrooms, radar labs, simulators etc? Who is the most advanced.

Maritime professional training has a pretty awesome simulator. Can’t speak for any other schools though.

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I also cant speak for all schools, but CMA has been going nuts adding all kinds of buildings and simulators. Seems every time I sail by there is some new building

You talking academy or other?

The way I see it, unless you are taking a technology specific course (DP, ECDIS, etc…) the higher tech the school, the more your class will cost you. If it’s a class that’s all book study, you might be better going to a school with little technology, provided they do a good job.

Good point. I agree.

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I took a couple courses while on board the Sea Voyger and one of the owners was teaching…it was intense but you LEARNED. The school was MPT out of Ft Lauderdale and they are one of the schools that has a FULL COMMAND SIMULATOR…I Know thats not right but i’m sure you know what i mean.

[QUOTE=SeaSick;69900]You talking academy or other?[/QUOTE]

Of course, many of the maritime academies are also offering STCW courses to non matriculated students and use all the same facilities. To me the question is if the programs take full advantage of what’s available? I don’t have a whole lot of experience with any of the courses offered by the academies but can recommend PMI if on the west coast and MITAGS if on the east. I have also heard that the Star Center in Dania has very good simulators but of course, a non AMO member will aways get bumped if a union guy wants to get in even at the last minute. Make planning very difficult.

I hear good things about Calhoun (MEBA in Maryland), MITAGS, MSI (Newport), MPT, QMT, and STAR Center.

The academies are dedicated to their cadet programs and none of them seem to be very serious about their Continuing Education programs. The academies don’t offer a lot of CE classes for mariners, and they seem much more likely to cancel classes for lack of enrollment.

Most of the schools frequently cancel classes for lack of enrollment. It appears that way too many schools opened up when STCW cam along, and that now there just aren’t enough mariners to support them all.

The simulator @ the STAR Center is excellent.

[QUOTE=Tugted;69977]The simulator @ the STAR Center is excellent.[/QUOTE]

Years ago I tried to book classes at the STAR Center but they never offered the classes often enough to accomodate my schedule. I also found that the people who answered the phone were not too helpful. Perhaps this has changed, but at the time I gave up on them and used MPT for almost every class I have ever taken. I highly recommend MPT.

Chouest’s school, Galliano Training Center, has some impressive classrooms. The DP simulators are extremely realistic.

MITAGS and Chouest

Is Chouest’s school open to the public, or is it only for their own employees?

As far as I know it is only for employees.

Only employees …

[QUOTE=CaptainCrunch;69897]Curriculum aside, who has the newest, most modern, up to date classrooms, radar labs, simulators etc? Who is the most advanced.[/QUOTE]

First you should probably go to some kind of school that can help you with your ridiculous spelling(technicalogically )

Have you seen the new ABS Information Center at Mass Maritime Academy? Pretty impressive; not even a year old.


I called MPT in Fort Lauderdale. The lady who answered the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Unlike many other schools who seem to cancel half their scheduled classes for lack of enrollment — she said that MPT never cancels its classes for lack of enrollment. Most classes appear to be offered about once a month.

The classes are more expensive than Delgado, L. E. Fletcher, or Young Memorial, but competitive with most other schools. I’d much rather spend my time in Fort Lauderdale than Morgan City. I’m going to give MPT a try.

MPT is a good school i took adv ff there in '10 and the instructor was knowledgable and the curriculum was relevant. Plus who wouldnt rather be in FT Lauderdale than some LA shiphole??

Chouest DP classes are also open to company’s who purchase MT (Chouest) DP systems. I originally took my basic DP there while working for another company.