Which engineering degree?

Hi all, I will be applying to transfer to Cal this fall for the engineering license track. I can’t decide between marine engineering technology and mechanical engineering. Obviously the ME degree is a more classical engineering program with more math, etc. I would love to hear your impressions on the two degrees, and respective career prospects.

Much obliged…

Engineering Tech is more application based, more hands on. Fitting the right technology to a specific need.

ME is as you describe. More of a classical engineering degree. ME will require a higher math curriculum. If that worries you, perhaps ET would be a better choice.

You can be sucessful with either degree. Bottom line is to choose the major that best fits your aptitude and career goals.

I have the met degree and sail. My brother has the ME degree and does not sail. The ME degree will get you further if working ashore. If I were to do it over again I may have gone ME if I decided to stop sailing. I can still get plenty of shoreside opportunities but the ME has more with better pay.

I’d say go MT, but I enjoy day light. Just kidding, good luck, hope you make it in,. It’s a great school. Can’t answer any engineer questions, but if you have any basic questions about the school, feel free to ask. I’m in my second year there right now.