ME Questions

I am currently a 4/C cadet here at CMA in the ME major. I was wondering what the power engineering minor would do for me as far as job opportunities, and whether or not it is worth it to pursue the minor. I have kept getting a CG license in mind, but as of right now, I’m a bit unsure about sailing. I was told to wait until the first cruise to decide on this if I did not know.

Get the license track. Companies will still hire you with the ME degree and wont care about a power minor. Its kind of redundant.

Wait until after cruise to decide. Just because you plan not to sail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a license. A good number of people get ME degrees, but how many take a licensing exam in school? Even if an employer doesn’t know what the license is, it still looks impressive and professional. Plus, it nice to have if you ever hit a rough patch and need a job.

You should sail, if only for a few years. A few years sailing experience will count for triple (estimate) when you go for a land job. A higher level license also counts for far more than the number of years required to get it.