Whereabouts of sweat-n-grease uncovered!

To all the folks here who like myself have been wondering what happened to that crusty old fart and his “flaming turd” stovepipe cigars, I am happy to report that John is doing well at his hacienda in the Bitterroot Mountains but he has been absent without leave due to complications with both his knee injury and the damage caused to his place by that microburst a couple of months back although he does say that he is “endeavoring to persevere” and will be back to join us unwashed ones here sometime soon.

I don’t think he’ll launch any Scuds if I give out the location of his “rat hole”…you can find him hiding at <saltybear@bear-creek-ranch.net> If you write him, tell him to take a bath!

I had been wondering where ole greasy griz has been hiding. I wish him the best in his recovery.

Yea, I sent him a note lot long ago asking if he was ok. I’ll be glad to see him back, few if any more fun to spar with :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Xmsccapt(ret);115591] I’ll be glad to see him back, few if any more fun to spar with :)[/QUOTE]

Indeed! He says he’s not here because he is particularly “grumpy” at present…HELL! Being particularly “grumpy” is what makes him such a favored shipmate!

anyway, too bad we’re all not getting plastered in some seedy dive bar on some rundown waterfront right now so we could all join in an offtune slurred version of “For He’s a Golly Good Fellow”…

come back soon John…we all misses ye

Looks like a few of us have PM’d him because we missed his posts. And him! :slight_smile:

Too bad indeed!

[QUOTE=z-drive;115637]Too bad indeed![/QUOTE]

Man, we just don’t get to have good times like that going to sea these daze. Goddamned owners, lawyers and insurance underwriters have taken all the fun out of seafaring!

Oh well, in the meantime we can all drink to our virtual shipmate S-n-G with e-booze!

whattalya have pardner?

Rotgut rum and ginger ale in a pint glass of course!

[QUOTE=z-drive;115672]Rotgut rum and ginger ale in a pint glass of course![/QUOTE]

AYE! A fine choice…

Ah ~ I’m honored ~ Guess it’s the unwashed Merchant Seamen in me. We may not always agree but we certainly agree on this, we reserve the right to disagree with each other, all those not so blessed best understand.
I’ll be back ~ with photos ~ It may take some time ~ but I’m OK.
Thank you, my Ship Mates


Sweat, that’s all true. I’d add to that we are all brothers of the sea. All of us in past times waged our wits, talents and luck against fate - and won. ( or we’d not be here to agree and disagree). All various views, differences and political beliefs are put aside when people are crewed in a common goal of taking a ship to sea and bring her back safely into port. Then and only then do we drink and argue. We’ve all done that and more… Come back soon.

Relax, and have a homebrew.