Whats Tidewater like

Yeah mud is the bane of my existence! It sucks now that the 10 year Frac contract is gone. I can’t wait to work on one of our new boats but 20,000 bbls of mud… DAMN!!!

Think Tidewater’s bad then try sailing on one of their boats overseas. Or better yet try sailing on one of their competitors boats overseas!

I work overseas on a “competitors” boat. I get paid door to door including travel, a bonus for working overseas, stay in 4 star hotels on the company dime, have a great crew that works their behinds off, and I get to make the client follow their own Operations Manual with phenomenal support from the office. The only way I would go back to working in the states is if I got a cabin girl in addition to all that I get overseas.

Unfortunately I would only enjoy this new job for one day before my wife would justifiably have me tortured and killed so I will keep the gig I have now.