What Lapware review filters to use for 1600T Master Exam with new two test rules?

Good Morning Everyone,
I am looking to add on my Domestic Endorsement - Master 1600 GRT Oceans to my current 2M unlimited license. I have been told by the USCG that I need to take both exams Q124 Navigation General: Oceans and Q127 Navigation Problems: Oceans. All my seatime is from 2016 and newer so the old one test situation for the 1600T upgrade is different. I cannot seem to find anything about which review sections on Lapware I should be using. I have messaged them and as of now no response.

I’m in the same boat…only I have to take Q130- Nav/Deck General and Q131- Stability.

Interesting. I thought it was nav/deck gen and stability for the new exams.

Make sure you also add STCW Master 3,000 gt, otherwise your 1,600 ton is nearly worthless.