What it's like to work at SUNY Maritime - PART 2

In an earlier post I noted the absurdly short time that some Maritime employees were given to prepare for their annual review by Maritime VP, Aimee Bernstein.

Now we can explore some of the [B]absurdities[/B] of the actual review for one employee. You see, some people keep very detailed notes and write things down right after they happen - for future use, like NOW.

Here are 2. There are more, and I might post them in the near future.

[B]Chase Military Appreciation Day[/B]

I was told that I had spent too much time on Chase Military Appreciation Day during football season. I responded that I had been asked by ADMIRAL Carpenter (who’s previous employment was in THE MILITARY), my direct supervisor at the time, to work on this. I was informed that I had still spent too much time on it. I was downgraded for following the direct instructions of the[B] college president[/B], a retired ADMIRAL in the MILITARY This downgrade was issued by someone who was not even my supervisor at the time I did the work. She’d only been my supervisor since January, months after the event.

Of course it didn’t dawn on her that JP Morgan Chase has lots of money and would be a possible source for [B]further sponsorships and/or possible money for the school[/B]. We had a member of the College Council with very responsible position at the bank, who had worked to arrange that event in the first place. Nope! That obviously did not dawn on her.

[B]Balloons - The height of absurdity[/B]

In the past, at a meeting about homecoming, I mentioned that another college had balloons at their homecoming, with the school seal on them.

On or about the week of March 25 Bernstein asked me if I could locate the balloon company and arrange for them to come to the campus for a proposal meeting. I located the company through my outside contacts at the other college and arranged for them to visit on Wed., 4/3 at Noon.

I informed Bernstein of this, and she said she wanted to attend along with Mary. On the morning of 4/3 Bernstein informed me she would not be at meeting. I met the representative at 12 noon. Mary showed up about 1/2 hour later. We went through Mess Deck and discussed ideas.

At my evaluation meeting, [B]later that same day[/B], Bernstein informed me that I had spent too much time on the meeting and I should not be involved. [B]I informed Bernstein that she had instructed me to arrange and attend the meeting, as well as find the vendor in the first place[/B]. I got a huff and was informed that, going forward I should not be involved in such things.

I got in trouble for doing exactly what Bernstein told me to do. This illustrates the insanity of this place.