What is wrong with the Russian military? - Ukraine

I never understood why they elected a russian, Merkel to ensure they built the pipelines and shut the nuclear plants.

Angela Merkel a Russian?:

PS> She does speak Russian, but that doesn’t make her one.
Do you regard everybody that know how to speak English English??

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simple as that.


Sources, if picked judiciously can sometimes give clues before being picked up by traditional media.

For example on Twitter, the source in the OP, @Chris_wiki posted back in May about the condition of tires on some equipment used by the army which raised the possibility that corruption might significantly reduce the effectiveness of the Russian military.

The original thread was back on March 2nd:

This thread has 70k likes which caused it to raise to the surface.


Not just wheeled vehicles:

Threw a track, immobilized.


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I just ask Germans what they think

Putin announces partial mobilisation and brings in the reserves, guess it’s no longer a “Special Operation”. Russia is now at war. Looks like an act of desperation.
Also “referendums” in the occupied territories.

Let’s see what the desertion rate is like

Not all Germans are alike apparently.
She was elected and re-elected by a majority of Germans, despite being an “Ossi”

this is why germans call her a russian

Merkel was born in Hamburg in then-West Germany, moving to East Germany as an infant when her father, a Lutheran clergyman, received a pastorate in Perleberg.

She lead the party to its defeat as they slowly losts voters over her last term as leader
turning off nuclear has come back to bite her party as was dumping millions of migrants in Germany that they didnt need.

Just another good example of how different the eastern & western culture/thought processes are from one another. When I read about Russia empting their prisons to recruit new soldiers I assumed they already deployed their reserve & national guard equivalent. They start with their untrained, undisciplined criminals then call up the standby professionals when they have less resources & lower morale to wage war with? What the hell?

It makes sense if you think a certain way. Wear down the enemy’s troops and resources by flooding them with worthless troops as canon fodder and send in your crack crews to crush what’s left.

That makes sense in way. It’s possible. But at the start Putin had so many more pieces on the board compared to Ukraine. Baffling he would be considering sacrificing pawns back then, so he could sweep in with a knight or bishop 7 months later. Again, its possible but me as a layman would have put my strong game on first to end it quick if I was in a superior position. Unless I wanted to drag it out for some reason. Maybe Putin wanted his troops to fight in winter & throw a hurting on Europe with the energy crisis?

He doesn’t appear to be rational but he did manage to bamboozle Merkel.


The decision process for the Ukraine War has a direct analogue in the Iraq War. Both wars were started by leaders that allowed themselves to be deluded by their advisors, who promised the war would be pushover, and that the populace would greet the invaders with open arms and flowers.

The actual wars could not be more different. The volunteer U.S. Army crushed the mechanized Iraqi army and occupied the cities. What bogged them down afterwards was a guerilla war. Basically a civil war waged by a large part of the populace. Which the U.S.A. dealt with by buying off both sides to stop fighting.

Contrast the the Ukraine War, where the volunteer Russian army has performed with stunning incompetence against a Ukrainian army that entered the fight poorly armed. The Russians thought they would immediately seize the capital. The war would be over in days. Instead they were driven back in toe-to-toe mechanized warfare and street-fighting.

Every day the Ukrainians get stronger, and the Russians get weaker. If that’s not true, then why does Putin need to suddenly conscript citizens? Why does Putin threaten to actually nuke the poor weak Ukrainians if the Russians are getting stronger?

Putin thought he was entering a knife fight with a gun. Then the other guy got a gun too, and Putin ran pissing. Now all he can do is threaten to come back with a flamethrower.

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Putin is close to Hitler in his thinking, just expand Russia to make it great again, at any cost.
Megalomaniac in action is what we are watching.

“Make Russia Great Again” (MRGA for short)
Sounds familiar???


Putin’s statements yesterday threatening the use of nuclear weapons is no surprise but his call for the mobilization of civilians leads to an increase in protests and arrests. Shades of what led the US to withdraw from Vietnam don’t bode well for him but he continues to double down.

Last nights nightly news had clips of the Russian protests & full flights of families & abled body men out of there. Then it dawned on me the only thing scarier than a nuclear arsenal controlled by a power hungry narcissist like Putin is to have 3 or 4 smaller nuclear arsenals controlled by a handfull of warlords if Putin dies or if Russia falls into a civil war?

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