What for dinner?


Just curious how different ship/boats and companies feed their crews…

On my boat we all take turns cooking the evening meal…The tradition is that it is to be of quality …I did a spiral ham the other night that was a big hit…Tonight it looks like bake salmon and rice pilaf…The rest of the time it’s fend for your self…

Is this the norm?


At my company the Mate’s deckhand cooks the evening meal. After that it’s fend fer yerself.


Sadly, that’s the norm. During the down-turn in the oilfield in the early '80s, the cooks were the first to go. Then came the 333 strike. Then the SIU tugboat cooks were phased out. At least some of the ATBs are getting cooks again.


On all vessels I’ve always had a cook that prepared 3 meals and most all baked too.:stuck_out_tongue:


Sheesh Jeff, I suppose that your shoreside San Miguels are served to you with the top already popped too…:wink: