What does "ATO" mean?

I noticed in a job posting that it paid hourly with a half day ATO. Could some fill me in on what ATO is and how it works? Does it mean accrued time off?



You work 8 hours you earn 4 hours Leave. This rate can vary depending on what you read in the fine print.

i worked with a captain who worked under that system at ACBL. he hated it and said it seemed like he never got proper pay the way it was so convoluted. YMMV

It is “accumulated time off”. It’s standard language in IBU contracts to negate unemployment claims.

On land jobs its also called:

  1. accrued time off/sick leave/vacation time. I use to get 1.5 days off per month to use as I wanted.
  2. sometimes called “comp time” for those not given Over Time pay. So If I worked 10 hours in a day instead of my typical 8 hours I would have 2 hours I could use as “vacation time” at a later time.

Im not sure Id interpret ATO as “… language in IBU contracts to negate unemployment claims…” Its just another form of compensation thats pretty much standard in most industries.

Also consider why teachers cant make an unemployment claim for their summers off?

ATO is a scam. At any given point, the company has money that you have earned, but they pay it out to you slowly. That’s money that could be earning interest for you, but instead sits in the companies pocket. The post above about how convoluted the whole process is is absolutely correct. It makes pay stubs way harder to read, and mistakes harder to spot. my 2 cents