What do you bring with you fishing?

Hi guys. Can you list the things you bring with you when fishing at Bristol bay? I’m leaving in a couple of days and its my first time so I have no clue what to bring. Thanks!

A some beer is my first choice but I doubt that is what you are looking to hear.

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Some decent rain gear/slickers, pair of xtratuff boots, maybe some sole inserts for the boots, insulated rubber gloves, knife, set of dikes (diagonal pliers), plenty of toiletries/medication and warm clothes.

Not sure how long you are going to be up there, but alaska wireless GCI is the best cell carrier up there. At&t works the best in the more populated areas. Every other carrier is hit and miss…so you may wanna invest in a prepaid GCI phone.

Good to have cash on you in remote alaska, i learned the hard way. Can’t expect all the conveniences of securing sundries like in the lower 48 even pre-pandemic times.

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Commercial trip or pleasure?

Where are you located currently? That will give me some idea on what you can get in a couple of days.

Find out how much space you have onboard. Bristol bay boats are 32’ long. That’s tiny. Don’t bring a bunch of junk thinking you might need it
Bring a 60 day supply of any medication you’re on and make sure the skipper knows you’re on it.

Don’t bring heavy warm clothing. Heat is in the work and anyways it’s not that cold in the bay. Light, LIGHT sweatpants, long sleeved shirts and 20 pairs of socks. Maybe 2 light hoodies. Two pair of jeans max. One work and one town. Get a little bottle of Downy Unstoppables laundry pellets.

Don’t bring insulated gloves or heavy work gloves. Get two 12 packs of Atlas 620 orange gloves in your size and a box of Venom nitrile gloves in your size. When your hands start to get sore throw the nitrile gloves on before your regular gloves and change the nitrile ones whenever you have a second.

If you have money get a GCI prepaid phone or a GCI sim card if your phone is unlocked. Bring a big bottle of ibuprofen.

Most captains advance raingear and boots to the crew but idk how that will work this year. If you get them beforehand keep in mind xtratufs are big for their size. Get durable bibs but a lightweight flexible jacket. Get a Grundens knife belt and 5 Victorinox knives. Practice putting it back in the sheath so you don’t stab yourself in the dick.

Also, ask your skipper what he thinks you should bring. He may have stuff from previous crew in a locker he can lend you.



I am in seattle. And thanks!

Ok if you have to bring your gear up you can get it at Seattle Marine in Magnolia/Ballard. Get your clothes at Goodwill. Talk to your skipper first.

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that was the plan but all the goodwills are closed lol

MickAK, my hat is off to you for your advice to this fellow. My first trip on a rather small boat I had 3 times the shit I really needed and a large suitcase with nowhere to put it. Everything I needed later on (once I figured it out) could fit in the overhead bin on most aircraft. Once I began studying for my license, I did have to check my books through, but learned early to travel as light as possible with what I actually needed.

Sleeping bag and pillow…non-cotton clothing, stuff that dries easily as you will get and there is not a washer and dryer on the vessel… 10-20 pairs of the atlas gloves listed above… Xtratuf boots and good socks such as smart wool, atleast 10 pair of underwear…don’t take anything with you that you ever want to wear again, it will all be pretty rank by the end of the season…
Go into LFS or Seattle Marine in Ballard and tell them your new and don’t know what you need. they will set you up…I like Red Ledge Free Rein jacket but zippers can get caught up in the net.


Much more job specific response, thanks!

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@MickAK You seem like someone who can speak with experience on durability in a pretty harsh work environment…Who makes the best wet gear? I see Grundens a lot. Are they the best, or just the best marketing?

When I went fishing, the captain/owner took me to a chandlery before we left, got me what I needed and noted the amount of the invoice to be deducted from my future earnings. He knew exactly what I needed and made the process easy. Good luck sn360046


It really depends on your usage. Heavy gear or even a mustang suit is great for standing in the cold and wet for long periods running a crane or something. Break ice for 10 minutes and you’ll be soaking in sweat.
My favorite bibs, Gage Deck Boss bibs, are unfortunately discontinued. I firmly believe they stopped making them because they lasted too long. I wear the light Grundens Overwatch jacket. I’ve been wearing that combo for years so I don’t much about other manufacturers anymore. Red Ledge makes good lightweight stuff. Back when I wore heavy gear I preferred Guy Cotten to Grundens because their material was less prone to ripping.


I used grundens clipper bibs. The bib is cut high and helped to keep me dry and slime free.