Well, here we go again

so nice of them to ask for an American or a foreign mariner with a Visa!

Employer:Change International
Updated: Dec 10 2013
Desired Expertise: Captain / Master, Dynamic Position Officer, Ships Mate / Officer Experience: 1+ years Minimum Education: Tech/Vocational Cert. Salary: £360 GBP Per day Location: US Gulf Of Mexico, US Reference Code: 69503
Employment Type: Rotational Contractor
Job Status: Active / Open

Job Description:

DPO - B1 OCS VISA - Immediate Start - US GOM

Change internationals client, a leading provider of subsea construction services globally now urgently requires a DP 2nd Officer to join them onboard their DP2 Subsea Construction vessel for a 6 week trip. This is an excellent opportunity to gain additional employment over the Xmas Period.

The vessel is currently working in the US Gulf Of Mexico. As 2nd Officer you will be responsible for DP and conventional watch keeping. Additional responsibilities will include:

  • Safe positioning of the vessel
  • Monitoring of DP system
  • Preparation of the bridge for sea
  • Assisting the Chief Officer and Master with day to day running of the vessel
  • Inspection of life saving equipment
  • Completion of company and client paperwork


  • OOW Unlimited COC
  • DP Unlimited
  • BOSIET inclu HUET
  • Able to start immediately and remain onboard for around 6 weeks
  • Minimum of 1 years experience as DPO on a DP2 vessel

Rate: £360 GBP per day paid door to door


What prevents an American mariner from applying for the job?

[QUOTE=Tups;126076]What prevents an American mariner from applying for the job?[/QUOTE]

try and see how far you get? If they even contact you back tell us here but I bet you don’t hear squat!

[QUOTE=c.captain;126078]try and see how far you get? If they even contact you back tell us here but I bet you don’t hear squat![/QUOTE]

I would love to, but my B1 OCS visa expired in October :>

Go away! Good riddance your visa expired. This guy is part of the friggen problem!

[QUOTE=z-drive;126104]Go away! Good riddance your visa expired. This guy is part of the friggen problem![/QUOTE]

In addition to visa issues, it might be a problem that my experience on the joysticks is measured in minutes, not months or years… :>

(I’m a naval architect, not a mariner)


(I’m a naval architect, not a mariner)[/QUOTE]

Well that explains a lot!

Well the first thing is what unlimited american officer is going to work for $575 a day?

Jemplayer, I’m sure there are some doing it already!

[QUOTE=Jemplayer;126142]Well the first thing is what unlimited american officer is going to work for $575 a day?[/QUOTE]
no but a foreigner will work for $575 a day as it will be tax free to them…

Trans Atlantic baby!

[QUOTE=coldduck;126143]Jemplayer, I’m sure there are some doing it already![/QUOTE]

Much, much less if you are a fed regardless of agency. And…there has not been a pay raise in 3 years. OT helps if you can get it.

You have to do it for the benefits, which are now under attack.

Plenty. That’s still $103k a year you’re talking about there.

Wow I didn’t realize that there where so few slots for unlimited guys that $575 is considered good pay when that just middle of the road for us lower level guys running OSV’s and from what I have gathered around here good money for Tugs.

Also it’s not $575 for a still ink is wet on his license 3rd mate, they are looking for a 2nd or better with a DP license. I know that there is some bump for a foreigner, because they don’t have to pay tax just like a bunch of guys here work over seas and get credits and all that. Actually a pretty big one as on my spread sheet I would have to make roughly $800 a day to clear $105k after taxes. Still what American with an Unlimited and DP License is going to work for that much unless he’s got some bad history he’s having to work off?

I mean seriously is somebody like C. Captain, who is if anything overqualified, going to apply for this job and accept it if offered?

I guess we would need to force our law makers to write a law that makes it so that these companies offer equivalent pay for what they are requiring so they can’t go running to the CG and claim that they can’t find anybody, while the real reason is nobody is willing to work for what they want to pay. Then question becomes what is a comparable salary and how that is established.

Good day C Captain

Thank you for bringing this thread to my attention. Being the one that wrote the job advert I felt it prudent to reply and explain the reasoning behind asking for a USB1 OCS VISA. Unfortunately, over the past 4 years or so I have not had much luck in attracting US Nationals to my jobs in the Gulf Of Mexico. I assume, given other responses in this thread, this is largely due to the tax implications of working in your own back garden. The same goes here in the North Sea and Uk nationals. That just seems to be the way of the industry.

Believe me if American nationals were to apply and were suitably qualified then I would have no hesitation in putting them forward for the job. It would make my life ten times easier!!!

We have a vessel coming to the States early next year and i’d be delighted to speak to any American DP operators (any with Pipleay, umbilical lay experience would be a bonus).

I hope that clarifies where I am coming from, let me know if you have any questions.

Kind Regards