I need some guidance

Good day dear all, I just about to start on this new journey on DP, I will do the basic course in December, but I still don`t know where or how to apply for at least the 30 days seagoing to get me started on this, I have a company number given by the school which is SPECTRUM MARITIME SERVICES IN Baton Rouge LA, can sombody guide me on this, can somebody give more info about is.

Im Venezuelan, master Mariner in AFRAMAX tankers, 13 years non stop sea experience. BUT ITS TIME TO CHANGE!!!

I just complete my last seagoing tour for 6 months YES I KNOW TOO LONG!!!,

You may have trouble finding a job aboard a workboat if you are not an American citizen. You might want to try seismic or dive support vessels insted.

many thanks for your advise john, yes I am totally aware about my not citizen condition, but as per yours, do you know any company with those vessels where I can apply?

Mike - You might want to call some of the operator’s that have DP oilfield vessels working in Venezuela, or Brasil. Tidewater, Seacor, Chouest, Trico, Gulfmark Offshore…most all have some need for officers with entry level DP experience.
Where will you be doing your induction class? Give us some more specifics as to your location, and your situation to travel.

El Capitan, I will do the induction in Houston with the Kongsberg people, right now I am in Riga (Latvia) taking a Ship Handling Course, I will do the induction from Dec 01st throug 04th, I will be ready to travel from January 06th anywhere, I have not restrictions whatsoever

Mike - I think if you call Kongsberg Houston and speak with Angel Rodriguez, he might be able to give you some better guidance as to companies that can accomodate your situation near, and long term.
You may also want to try the following who all operate vessels internationally with a flag that you might be able to sail on without too much of a hassle: Seacor Marine in Houma, LA (ask for Rodney Coco if he’s still there), Tidewater Marine in Amelia (you can ask for Tim Lewis), LA, Edison Chouest Offshore in Galliano, LA (you can speak with Nicky Collins), and Gulfmark Offshore in Houston, TX (the only one I know of here is Gene Leech). Make a call, and speak to the HR person responsible for International Manning, and layout your case. I don’t have the numbers handy, but a quick web search should get you what you need.
Another source you can try is C-Mar Group: 337-406-2864, and you can speak to Brianne, or Andre Kanyo. They often have entry level positions for DPO’s on a contract/part-time basis.

Keep us posted…