International positions for 1600 Master?

I have lived outside the US for the past 20 years running a yacht charter business. Had to come back to work in Gulf 6 months ago running OSV in the oil patch. Am currently looking to go international, anyone know of any companies that have any long term operations international? Thanks for any info

Any DP training?

No DP, just good old fashioned boat handling. the old Halter boat I am running and the ones I ran prior to leaving GOM for the sunny Caribbean do not have DP. I am contemplating getting DP if it would help my chances of working for someone internationally. What level would I need DP1, DP 2 or 3? I have not had to pay US taxes for all those years living outside US and really don’t like supporting this current administrations crazy new policies with my taxes earned here in US waters…


Edison Chouest Offshore has plenty of vessels working overseas. Normally they send people who are already employees, but they have hired in the past specifically to send people overseas. Right now I am not sure if they are hiring with this economy. They have vessels in Africa, Brazil and other parts of the world.

Seacor and Tidewater has plenty of vessels working overseas.

You really need to get your DP training. The best way is to get with a company that offers this training. You may wnat to keep that in mind if you are looking for another company. There are plenty of others. Check out and post your resume. The more traing and certifications you can get the better. The more desirable you can make yourself will attract more attention.

The DP training only comes in two levels. First is the Basic DP class. 5 days. This is exactly what it says. It covers DP theory and basic functions and reference systems. They issue you a logbook and then send you back to your boat to get practical time on a vessel with DP and get a few competencies signed off by the Captain or other qualified DP operator. You need at least 30 days DP time, get the book signed and you can then take the Adv. DP class. This class runs you through real life scenarios and is more interactive and challenging. It is also 5 days. You then go back and start logging days. I think you need 180 days and then be signed off again. Then send the book to the Nautical institute and they record your information and issue you a DP Certificate. It will either be limited or without limitation. The one without limitation will simply state DP certificate. The limited one will state limited on it. The only difference is the DP class used during the training. If all your time is on DP 1 or below it will be limited. If all DP 2 and above simply DP Operator.