Getting Started in Offshore as JDPO or DP Trainee

I’m Ukrainian watch officer, who wish to become a DPO, I’m trying already for more then one year, all companies required experience on Offshore Fleet and at least DP Advance Certificate.
It’s not a problem to get a DP Induction/Basic nowadays, but where to find a place who can recruit with first DP level to get 30 days familiarization with system.

At present time I’m recruited by merchant company and serving on Container Ship. I have all necessary certificates and diploma to work as OOW.

I will be glad to hear your feedback.

[I]Best Regards,
Yours Ukrainian friend

South Louisiana OSV’s… they are always hiring and looking for help. They will train you. You may take a cut in pay but the training will more than make up for it in the long run… Good Luck!

can you give me web site please?

Also, is it not a problem that I’m not American citizen?

You would need to have a US license to work on those OSVs.

[QUOTE=Capt. Phoenix;62601]You would need to have a US license to work on those OSVs.[/QUOTE]

I think it’s rather difficult for me to get this this license.

Tidewater has Ukranian officers in Africa. You might try there.


Secor is also in Africa. But there are a lot of other non-US companies with PSV’s working in Africa.

Oil field vessels are a good way of getting into DP.

Hi there!
I’m looking company who can employ me as JDPO, in Ukraine we have plenty of companies, but all of them requiring experience.

Contact Barrack Obummer, He has special programs to bring in Foreigners to take American jobs.

You will have to work where your license is accepted. The BIG issue is: you may have to accept a lesser paying position while training, to be able to get qualified to be a DPO. Unfortunately just having a license (without DPO) is not going to help you.

I’m not against the lesser paying trainee position.
My license is international standart. The only one thing that US countries required additional certificates, and not the same grade that I have.

So, if anyone have information or contacts of companies who can employ JDPO, please write to my privat msgs.