WAWA Convenience Store is building an ATB

WAWA, a convenience store that is expanding in Florida is building their own ATB!


Interesting…After watching the barristers chase the majors out of the transportation business post EXXON VALDEZ, I’m sure they’re sharpening their sticks for this venture.

I am going to guess since the Wawa Corporation has no experience with such an operation, they will most likely contract with an established operator to manage the new unit.
Kind of like how Harley Marine is managing the crew, etc for Apex Oil’s tug & barge unit Brooklyn/A87.

Let’s hope that Wawa hires a really good operator.

Thought I read somewhere maybe it was Vane Bros.

Not so sure I would go as far as saying established. Hopefully they will at least have a crew of 5, like they do in their west coast ATBs. Wow.

That’s a very surprising move. Usually a company like Wawa never wants to get its hands dirty in the transport part of their business, they leave it to someone else.

They must figure they’ll save some money in the venture.