Warning on mooring accidents

SERIOUS accidents in mooring operations involving death or serious injury appear to be increasing over the long term, says the UK P&I Club which has spent over US$34m settling mooring-related insurance claims over the past 20 years. It has published a guide on the subject, Understanding Mooring Incidents, which can be downloaded from the UK Club’s website: .

The club says that such incidents rarely exceeded four per cent of all claims on the club and two per cent of settlements in 1987-97. During the next decade, however, the number peaked at 14 per cent in 2000 and the value at 15 per cent two years later. In 2007, both numbers and values dropped to 1997 levels. However, the Club regards this as “encouraging but not necessarily indicative of a long-term trend.”

While mooring injuries have been only the seventh most frequent cause of personal injuries dealt with by the club they have been the third most expensive per claim, indicating that these injuries are often more severe.

Some 14 per cent of all mooring accidents accidents involved deaths. Some 23 per cent were leg injuries, 14 per cent back, 11 per cent multiple and seven per cent arm and head.

*You can find all of their reports and guides HERE.