Accidents Underway

where might I find statistics for accidents/death at sea?


International or US domestic?


domestic- trying to figure what the biggest hazard and ‘watch your six’ instances to personal safety for a crew is

Awhile back I ran across some CG statistics that said most tugboat deaths were by under-25-year-olds with less than 3 years at sea. Most were by drowning.
(I think it was in their Proceedings magazine)

On the ABS website it says accidents (not deaths) are even, 50/50 % mechanical, human error.

Fishing, logging and mining are usually the most deadly occupations.
Poor seamanship by the Bering Sea Crabbers accounts for most of the US fishing deaths.
Greed outweighs prudence in dealing with stability.

Somewhere in the world, every hour, of every day, a fisherman dies.

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