How many fishing boats are sunk by ships each year?

I know most collisions with boats don’t even get recorded (Some don’t even get noticed by the ship) but are there any statistics or estimates on the number of fishermen lost each year globally?

years ( 90’s) ago I was chatting to a MRCC guy and he said 100,000 tonnes a month goes to the bottom, not fishermen but thats lots.

UK might have data on fishermen as I think in a survey years ago it was the second most dangerous job after traveling salesman

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Good question. I only see old out dated statistics.

Hope all is well y’all.

traveling salesmen?

The above is from the ‘Casualty and World Fleet Statistics as at 01.01.2016’. Numbers only apply for fishing vessels > 500 tons.

Indeed. They spend a lot of time on the road, which is the most dangerous place you can be in western society. Add to that their propensity towards cocaine addiction and dubious personal habits, not to mention the risk of getting gunned down on sight, and you have a profession even more dangerous than long haul trucking.

So only 20 fishing boats lost in 2014… that Number sounds really low.

Yes, but these are > 500 tons. I suppose that especially the smaller fishing boats are much more vulnerable and the numbers of such sunken ships will probably be much larger. There does not seem to be a global overview of these fishing vessels < 500 tons.

Dutch fishing vessel ‘Cornelis Vrolijk’ with a length of 113 m and GT 5579 is well above the 500 ton mark.

Look for this document: USCG Analysis of Fishing Vessel Casualties A Review of Lost Fishing Vessels and Crew Fatalities, 1992 - 2007

I am sure that every maritime administration in every flag state has the same data for their fleets.

RE: greater than 500 tons, i should think there are a LOT of sail boats, smaller fishing and pleasure vessels mowed down by ships but 500 tons is about the limit for smallness, and i mean, a few people in crew, std. equipment and some level of experience etc.
and of course, there is the errant log, connex, and gawd knows what that get smacked that are not survivable for small craft.

yep, due to road traffic deaths.
All the data came out of the UK when the firemen went on strike to get more money as they said its dangerous so the gov published deaths from various industries.
A firemen hadnt died for over 10 years in the UK, they looked silly with their claim.