Wanting to be a Chief Engineer one day

I want to say in advance thanks for the help. First my experience

8 1/2 years in the navy working in the engineroom on a submarine, 6 years working in the commercial nuclear field. Nuclear engineering bachelors, MBA, HVAC certification, Marine Electrical associates. Thinking about going officer engineer in the coast guard reserves.

I am wanting to get into the motor yacht engineer field in about five years. My wife served as a stew on a motor yacht and is going to be going to chef school soon. I am wanting to possibly join her on a boat and wondering how can I get more experience and what are the certifications that you recommend. Again, thanks for the help.

Good background. Thank you for your service.

When I worked at the marina, we only had a few mega-yachts in the 90-125’ range. Full time crew usually consisted of only a captain or a captain and mate OR a captain and chef who was also responsible for housekeeping duties. We are probably talking REALLY big mega-yachts to warrant a full time engineer.

You and the misses might want to head to Newport RI or Ft. Lauderdale for the real deal on the big boats.

This forum is more slanted towards commercial shipping as opposed to private yachts.

Just a guess, but there’s a site called Cruiser Forum or Cruiser World or something like that, they may be more help.

Thanks for the help.

Cruiser forums - that was it.

I recall the commodore came here once to set us ignorant commercial mariners straight.

try yacht forum.com… the triton newspaper… dockwalk magazine. luxyachts.com. mpt.usa.com… south florida,ft Lauderdale in particular is where its at in the yachtie scene… I miss it especially bad these days as we sit in the shipyard in morgan city… talk about the other end of the spectrum… good luck.