Want to work on a crewboat in GOM

I will be getting out of the military in about 7 months, Next month I am getting my 100 ton near coastal license. I was wondering if anyone could help me find some companies anywhere from Mobile, AL to Houma LA . Any help and/or advice would be great. Thanks

A mariner giving me advice once told me to stay away from crewboats, anybody have any input on this?

never worked a “re-cyled beercan”…back when I was a drunk…suspect that I helped in building them…I probalby got at least one empty in most of them!!

that said…some very good boat handlers evolved from operating crewboats…once the mates that I had got over the “need for speed” they became quite competent…as for the license…the USCG makes it pretty easy to obtain…get the the accompaning 200gt mate if you can and they still do that…as far as jobs in this economy…I hear there are 1600gt masters working them right now in order to keep the lights on…but those guys should be smoke when things pick up.

IMHO…if you can avoid the “romance of being captain”…a better career path is OS>AB>200gt master/500gt mate>TOAR/MOT>>…if all that is still possible??

Why crew boats? You should look into “mini-supply” boats. Crew boats are fast but as a new captain do you really want fast? Crew boats have very tight living quarters, are loud, and uncomfortable. Look for a company that has newer DP-1 mini-supply boats around 150". Check out Abdon Callias, Odyssey Marine, and GOL. If you want to make working offshore your career working on a mini-supply boat will better prepare you for a future on larger vessels, primarily because you will have to manage below deck cargo tanks.

My advice…stay away from crew boats!

Good luck as you transition from a military man to a civilian.


Crew boats are OK as a stepping stone. It only took one winter to figure out I wanted to be on something more comfortable. The main benefit of working on a crew boat is you really learn the feel and handling of a vessel. It was a good route when I was coming up, but may not be the best today. I had a great time on crew boats and took a lot of pride in being able to handle the vessel in less than perfect conditions, “BUT” I would never want to go back there. Curtgetz is right about the mini-supply vessels are more comfortable and their utility is similar to a larger supply vessel, just on a smaller scale. If you really want to move up it would probably be better to start as an OS on a supply vessel and get your mate license and move up that way. I think if I had known then what I know now, I may have done it that way. Then again I may have never even started working offshore.

Freedom1-The market for 100 ton guys is tight right now. There are a lot of vessels in that range without work. Meaning the pool of available 100 ton Masters is bigger. A lot of places are not hiring right now. C & G in Bayou la Batre has some crew boats. Barry Graham Offshore. New Iberia Crewboats and Marine Services has a small fleet. Crewboats Inc. Seacor marine inc. Abdon Callais Offshore ACO. Gulf Offshore Logisitics GOL. Tidewater Marine. Candy Fleet. Texas Crewboats. Tobias Inc. Edison Chouest Offshore. Crew Boats Inc. (CBI). Diamond Services Corporation. Travis Marine. Preferably you want to get with a company that has 100 ton vessels “AND” larger vessels. The idea is to not get comfortable or 30 years will pass by and you are still there. It is not always possible though and sometimes you have to take what you can get. Especially right now. Hope some of these names helps you out.

thanks for the info guys, I am getting out of the coast guard and figured this wood be the best route for me to get a decent job. I love boats and working on the water, I picked crewboats cause of the work schedules like 14 and 7 and 14 and 14 because I ill soon ahve a family that I anna be around.thanks for the info any more info or advice would be greatly appreciated…

You might wnat to consider staying in the USCG.

My wife has college to finish in mobile, She will be able to have a career and be near her family. Its time for me to move in to something else. I am also tired of moving around every 3 to 4 years.

The work schedule is actually 28 and 14 at most places. Some places are different of course, but 28 and 14 is pretty standard. You ready to be away from Momma a month or more at a time?

I suspect Momma’s ready to be away from ME for a month or two!

I’d rather work even time, but 28/14 would work for a while.


[quote=Capt. Nemo;18415]I suspect Momma’s ready to be away from ME for a month or two!

I’d rather work even time, but 28/14 would work for a while.


Just keep the checks coming…Jody will take care of the rest!