Viking Venoc Escape System


Has anybody here tried this system in reality or training?

video not available.

Opens fine here, but the link may be private to a group I’m member of. Here is an even more dramatic video of another version of Viking’s Escape Systems.(this one for J/U rigs):

PS> No price for guessing where this video was shot.

The rig in the video:

thanks for that. i guess if there’s no other way off !!, and if no oil gets onto that assy and melts it!! it did seem a log time for that raft to get to the water though?

I spoke to the crane driver of a rig that caught fire off the Northwest coast of Australia. One of the escape capsules lowered 20’ then stopped at an unsurvivable height above the water . After twenty fraught minutes of hauling on the wire it started lowering again.
The fire was so intense it melted the crane jib.

At very high airgap for this test. Even in Northern North Sea the required airgap is nowhere that high.

Here is the same rig at top of her legs for jacking test:

Source: World’s largest jack-up rig launched in Singapore | Seatrade Maritime

And at work at max. water depth in the Northern North Sea:

PS> I have been on a few of those jacking tests, both in Singapore, China and Japan.

those spindly legs sure look frail !!, gives me the heebie jeebies !, i’ll stay on something that floats !!

The second picture shows the same rig at the same heigh relative to the seabed.
The only difference is the water level

If you than factor in the fact that the second picture is from the North Sea, were wave hight >20m. is not unusual, adding extra forces on the legs, that makes it even more scary.