New LifeCraft from Viking tested successfully

A new and improved evacuation system mainly intended for cruise ships has been tested in rough weather and proven it’s ability to safely evacuate untrained passengers in extreme conditions according to Viking:

Well, the SOLAS Rules are to embark 150 persons in lifeboats or smaller rafts and lower them into the sea in 30 minutes, i.e. very difficult… Everything else is exemption nonsense approved by corrupt flags of double deck 300 persons lifeboats and chutes and rafts for 100’s of people, bla, bla, bla. Safety at sea is worse than ever but as nobody cares, there is little to do … except avoiding cheap cruises. Only idiots pay $50/day for going around WestMed in winter anyway. But the idiots think it is fantastic. Compare Costa Concordia 2012. Unsafe even along the quay!

NO!! SOLAS rules are to be able to disembark all POB in 30 min. This is about safer means by which to do so on large cruise ships.

Well, if it is safer to order 203 passenger to disembark via chutes into some craft hopefully floating in the water at the end of the chutes is the question. Life craft! How to find your seat in the craft? You walk? Crawl?