Very sad breaking news out of Baltimore…..yet another allision. M.V. “Dali”

The ship I’ve been working on has a bus tie breaker. One side of the bus was the main switch board with Gen 1 and 2. The other side was the reefer transformers with gens 3 and 4.

This ship was also 6600v from the gens, so two separate transformer banks to go from 6.6kv to 440v. And they each had a breaker before and after.

We were having electrical issues as well and once trying to replicate the problem in port, the bus tie breaker opened. With zero volts on the reefer side the automation started the #3 Gen and put it online. It happened fast, less then 30 seconds maybe.

With regard to EDG, I’ve been pondering if it ever came online by itself. I don’t think all the deck lights would be on the emergency bus. When you watch the video look at the stbd nav light. Nav lights are on emergency bus.

When the ship blacks out it’s dead for a full minute, no nav light. Then it seems full power is restored. A minute later the lights go out again, but the nav light stays illuminated and a light that might be the access to the house.

I don’t think I’ve seen the EDG take longer then 30 seconds to take over the emergency bus when testing and the CFR states it should be less then 45 seconds.