Very capable and experienced 200 master looking for work

I’m a fit and healthy male with several years in the SAR and offshore support industry with 16 to 20 meter vessel experience, jet boats and prop. I’m a capable reliable individual with all tickets and experience in aALL sea states with many scenarios. Many references available and a full CV.

My short but visual web page can be found here.

Thank you all very much

Stephen Bradburn GCKT.

You have a very professional website and CV, but this forum is very focussed on the US maritime industry which requires US seaman’s papers to be employed in so I cannot say there is a very good chance we can give you the leads you seek. I know there is the professional mariners association in the UK called Nautilus International (formerly NUMAST). I assume you are a member there?

I wish the US had its own similar association…we really need one BADLY!

Thanks fella. Pressing on all opportunities I can. Thanks for replying.