Vane in Seattle

Another Vane boat cleared the Panama Canal on Sunday towing 50,000 Barrel Barge heading for Seattle.
Have a 30,000 heading for long beach next month.


The Severn is headed there now

With a bunker barge?

Nah a 50k but whoes to say they won’t use it for lightering or bunkering lol

Not smart undercutting a company that has over 185 pieces of equipment.
Hope New York was worth it.


Silly goose. They are getting a shot to play havoc with daily rates. The same that Foss, Harley did on east coast. Got (getting) their asses handed to them for venturing into that. I suspect the same will happen to a east coast company that ventures to the west coast in the summer, and hasn’t seen the winter swell… yet :wink:

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c.captain’s post was last November, so maybe they’ve seen some winter swell by now?

Yeah. I see that now. Still getting used to this new format and goofy phone app. The older I get the better ‘the good old days look’!