USS J McCain / Alnic MC collision near Singapore

I hope all are safe!

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This is unbelievable. Now admiral heads are going to roll.

Without knowing what happened, but suspecting once again this is a Navy problem, my money is on lack of officer quality and poor training. And I suspect these crews are incompetent, lazy, not standing watch properly, and simply lousy sailors all around.

Bad incidents often seem to happen in clusters, but the US Navy appears to have an ongoing systemic problem with safe navigation.

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Just alerted on my phone…Sen. McCains dad’s ship

Interesting, prayers sent. looking for more updates ASAP.

I suspect one of the biggest root causes is going to be fatigue.
Considering what I know on how the navy trains, I doubt inadequate training would be the culprit.

We may want to stop the witch hunt till more details come about.

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Oh how I want to comment about McCain vs the Merchant Marine right now… but I’ll behave.


The gCaptain initial article: With UPDATES

Reuters initial article below:

Bloomberg initial article:

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I have not seen Tokyo Bay (Fitz/Xtal collision) however, from what I have seen…
[Singapore Str and approaches = (Gib Str + Dover Str) squared]!
In the absence of details I, for one, will not rush to judgement.
For now as always, my thoughts are for “those in peril on the sea”.

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Key word: SYSTEMIC

Yes, the admirals are going to be in the hot seat now. Sacrificing another CO just will not do after this.


10 missing.

want to take out the US navy? Sell your destroyers and buy a container ship.


Reports say damage is PS Aft. That bodes much better for the McCain than if damage was STBD as in the case of the Fitzgerald.
Suggests other party was not giving way… wait and see.

Singapore is a tough place to navigate even for the most seasoned watch keepers.

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That’s too bad.

I agree, some stars are going to fall this time.


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What is the problem with USN?

Not under command? Not the best omen from an engineering / repair perspective. Thoughts are with the crew.