USN to TMA, transferring

I am currently transitioning from navy to college and am planning on transferring to TMA for the fall semester. I’m in and all my ducks are lined up but I am curious if any of you mates had any experience with transferring to TMA. I know they are mil. friendly but how many of my AA credits will they accept? Any helpful information is appreciated. My biggest concern is having to take another college math class again, I did college algebra in the fleet and it was a major pain. Aced it but talk about a struggle.
Thanks guys,

It’s been 15 years since I graduated, but I want to say that if you’re MART (Marine Transportation) College algebra and (I think) Plane and Spherical Trig were the two required math courses. A lot could have changed since then, so maybe a more recent graduate answering would be better than my fumbling. Now if you’re looking at MARS, you’re going to be facing Calculus 1 & 2, which were my personal hell on earth.

I think you are going to take “business math 1,2” no matter what. Also, “college physics 1,2”. These are the least of your worries as you will be taking celestial navigation and stability. Maritime academies are math intensive by their nature plus it’s a bachelors of science. You pretty much have to go all in and just accept it.

Thanks gents,
ya i know they are math intensive, I just don’t want to redo courses I already did for my AA. Appreciate all your help.

Here is the Course Catalog. Just find MART (Marine Transportation) and see the required classes. If you take the right electives, you can get a minor in Maritime Administration with the only additional class being accounting. I had an AS before coming in and that got rid of some of the classes. Allowed me to graduate in 3 years.