Texas maritime academy

Hello, I plan on attending texas maritime academy this fall, but I might still consider suny maritime.
I hear the corps is a waste of time but must be done. Ive been through the navy so it cant be too much different. I plan to keep a blog or site through my maritime experience. Anyone here attending one of the schools?

Yeah you will definitly have more freedom to do what you want at the Texas Maritime Academy. The corp is relaxed and easy.

ok cool… I do hear you get weekends off, which is nice.

Yea nights, weekends… the school has pretty good academics too

I’m not sure which path you’re pursuing: deck/engine, but good luck with your choice.
TMA automatically gives you in-state tuition; therefore, it is much cheaper than any of the other maritime academies.
I sailed with a couple cadets from SUNY on my cadet cruise, and it seems to be much more military focused than TMA.
Recent administration at TMA have recently tried to make it much more militaristic, like the Texas A&M Corps at College Station; however, they have been met with heavy resistance from the cadets…

Initially the changes were pretty sweeping and did meet with a lot of resistance. They’ve since started phasing them in and as far as how much it’s hard to say how militaristic it will become. I enrolled in 2007 and can confirm that it is definitely different than when I started, both good and bad. The faculty and facilities continue to improve, most notably in that we’re finally in line to get our training ship up and running after several years of not having one. Also, on the plus side they’re getting much better in allotting prior military and older students more privileges right off the bat, which as a non traditional students I’m happy to hear. Like all schools you’ll get out of it what you put in. Most of our faculty are very good, just try to avoid the less motivated elements and you’ll learn a lot.