USCG unavailable reference materials

I’ve reached out to Commander USCG here in Houston REC. He said that all he can do for me is shrug his shoulders" to my question: “How can I be tested fairly with unavailable reference materials?”


Because they want you to know the subject matter not the actual test questions and answers? :hmmm:

You’re not being tested with “unfavorable testing materials.” This is a private product, the Coast Guard is not responsible for its content, and it isn’t used for Coast Guard tests.

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Actually it’s not the answers I am after. I need to see an “image” to choose the correct answer.

It’s not “unfavorable”… it’s unavailable. Big difference. If they’re NOT responsible… then how can they use it as test materials?

First, I don’t think you understand his response - USCG is not responsible for private study references. 2nd, Mr Cavo is a great resource to have on this forum, he has helped many of us.
3rd and most important - What source are you using? What is the image you want to see? What is the actual test question you need help with? Maybe you’d get farther on here by posting that than pointing fingers.

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