USCG Job Opening

The Office of Merchant Mariner Credentialing in Coast Guard HQ is advertising for a :marine transportation specialist." The position is GS-12 or GS-13 (depending on experience), salary is $94,199 - $145,617 per year.

USAJOBS - Job Announcement


Am I misunderstanding or is the job already closed?

It says 7/11-7/-13

Why do they do these 2 day open-closing periods anyway?

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Because they already have someone they want to hire for the job. They are required to post the job, but don’t want any applicants.


It has closed. I am getting caught up after being out on vacation, I didn’t catch that it had already closed. I shouldn’t have posted it. The closing date was originally longer, but was changed and the announcement closed. See the box directly under the dates:
This job will close when we have received 50 applications which may be sooner than the closing date.

They received 50 applications as of July 13.

Nice try, but not everything is a nefarious conspiracy. If the intent was to keep it a secret, I wouldn’t have posted it. But keep on believing your insipid conspiracy theories…


Well if they move the office to NY, I would happily apply for this job. Mr Cavo, maybe you can convince them to allow positions like this to work out of any of the USCG RECs. Almost everything can be done remote these days.

Edit: I misread, it is a remote position. very nice.

Probably why they got so many applications in 2 days.

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Its a pretty common employment practice to post jobs that they already have a preferred insider to fill.

I never said that you wanted to keep it a secret. Obviously, you wanted to inform us about the job. Thank you.


Ah nobody wants to work for the CG or NMC anyway… I’d rather be on boat.

Speak for yourself pal. For the same money, more time at home, and better benefits I would’ve jumped at this job.

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I was just kidding. Another position is posted:

Unfortunately this doesn’t look like a ‘remote’ opening.

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Ah, right I just read the whole thing. For that kinda money though you can live like a king in WV. Also, PCS means they will pay to move you there from wherever.

I hope they have more remote openings. Seems like an awesome job if remote. But I guess everyone knows… 50 applicants in two days is a lot

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I’m very curious about the demographics of those 50 applicants.

I’d bet 45 are already federal employees , or persons focused on getting their foot in the door at any federal job.

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Possibly, although the requirement says the applicant needs an unlimited license. Maybe it’s all new academy grads. Haha

I’d bet a lot of the applicants don’t have licenses.

We get a lot of resumes from people with no Licenses. They just throw resumes against the wall to see what sticks.

I think the work from home aspect of it may have prompted applications from people chained to a federal desk in the office.

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With a limitation of only accepting the first 50 applicants, it seems like the agency is greatly [purposely??] narrowing the potential candidate pool. Not everybody is watching USA jobs each day, and even fewer know of future job postings that are coming down the pipe…except for that chosen person that has all the inside information and gets his application in before the 50 person cutoff.

So, it does seem to be a nefarious conspiracy…or maybe just simple incompetency? “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”


The job isn’t in West Virginia, the office is in Washington, DC. A 1500 sq. ft brick double wide (ranch house) on 1/4 acre in the DC suburb of Fairfax County, VA goes for about $400K. Also, the pay quoted is the full range from the lowest level (“step”) GS-12 to the highest level GS-13. Starting for GS-12 is likely to be the low end, and GS-13 about the middle of the range cited.

If you want to liove like a king in WV, NMC is also looking for people:
USAJOBS - Job Announcement
USAJOBS - Job Announcement

I was referring to this one that is in WV: