Marine Interdiction Agent, are there really openings?

I see the Marine Interdiction Agent job posting regularly but hear rumors that it has a long wait list for that position? With the regular posting it’s giving me the impression that they are desperate to fill those positions but is it just a bait and switch? You apply for it then they have you sitting on the boarder for years until an opening? Anyone out there have this position?

They’re not desperate nor is it a bait and switch. Are you a current CBP officer?

No, 2nd year Maritime student looking for opportunities in the future.

If it’s something you really want, don’t give up. CBP job openings can stay open for long periods of time to fill vacancies in a variety of duty stations and the vetting process is slow. It took me close to 2 years of background checks and interviews after I filed an application before I was given a slot at FLETC.
I understand applicants are now subject to lie detector tests. Make sure your background checks all their boxes and describe your experience to match as closely as possible to the specific duties shown in the vacancy listing.

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I am hoping to apply as soon as I meet the minimum requirements. I am assuming that the locations that pay more have a harder time filling those items? Or is it based on the cost of living in those areas?

It’s based on the cost of living.

If you don’t have LEO experience, you can apply as a regular officer to gain that experience while you build seniority. Applying from within will also give you an advantage over civilian applicants.

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2 years to get a federal job. And we probably don’t even think of this as a problem anymore- just normal bureaucracy.

Brilliant, can’t thank you enough. Be safe.

Not always. Fed jobs typically run two listings, one “open” meaning anyone can apply and “merit promotion” for current Fed’l employees Open has more restrictive rules about which applicants can be selected So if an agency considers you the best candidate they can pick you from the merit list of qualified applicants without rules saying they cannot

Yes, there’s that, however unless there’s a quota mandating a number or percentage of candidates be hired from outside the agency, one that’s already been through the academy and has inside knowledge will have the advantage.

I wonder if enlisting in the Coast Guard and specializing in law enforcement would help? And you would be doing interdiction.

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I think you are on the right track, would have to enlist after getting the limited license.

I know an academy grad with a security clearance that worked at MSC for five years. He wanted to come ashore.

He tried for several years to become a Marine Interdiction Agent. He finally gave up and became a state trooper.

A few years ago, I knew another kid that got hired by the State Department for diplomatic security. It took about a year before he went to FLETC.