USCG Exam Coast Pilot

Anyone got any idea if the USCG exam room coast pilot is online somewhere in a PDF format or something? I sifted through a whole bunch of google and didn’t come up with anything. I have a friend studying for his exams right now but he is way far away and sans-coast pilot. Short of buying him one and sending it to him, which I am trying to avoid, I was hoping I could find it for him online.


Paddy, are you looking for this: If you just click on the relevant volume it gives you a PDF link for each chapter.

Edit: actually it even gives you a link for the entire volume in PDF form.

I was looking for the exam room reference but that’s ok, I found it elsewhere, thanks anyway

According to the manual of materials allowed in the exam room, one of the items is Reprints from the Light Lists and Coast Pilots, COMDTPUB P16721.38. I found the above link that you can obtain a scanned copy. There is no complete volume of the Coast Pilot in the exam room, according to the NMC website.

That’s the one